Hand Dryers vs Paper Towels: 6 Reasons Paper Towels are the Best Choice

Let it be any office, residential building, healthcare provider, hotel, or a restaurant; having a public toilet is a basic constructional necessity. Not only it provides an effective channel for people to freshen up but also contributes to making the environment healthier and sanitized. However, for that to happen frequent handwashing is the only solution. Consequently, opting for a safe medium for drying the hands also becomes a necessity.

All in all, Hand Dryers and Paper Towels are the most frequently used hand drying options in this regard. Here are the 6 reasons advocating that the Paper Towels are Best Choice.

  1. More Hygienic.

According to recent studies, nearly 95% of adults do not wash long enough to thoroughly clean the bacteria and viruses from their hands. Therefore, pathogens can reside on their hands even after washing. Using a hand dyer further adds to it by blowing the lavatory air onto the hands of the person thus causing more bacteria and viruses to settle on the hands. On the other hand, paper towels don’t cause any such cross-contamination.

  1. Faster drying and more convenient.

Paper Towels have exceptional water-absorbing capabilities. They can further help remove any dirt sports or oil stains present on the hands which didn’t wear off properly when washing. Therefore, providing efficient cleaning of the hands.

  1. Sustainable and eco-friendly.

Since most of the Paper towels are made from recycled paper, it’s a sustainable and eco-friendly approach for drying of hands. When compared to hand dryers, paper towels can also help you save the energy and maintenance costs that come with them. Therefore, contributing to a clean and green environment.

  1. No-touch approach.

Paper Towels present inside the dispenser are far more secured and germ-free than an openly installed hand drying unit. Ultimately, making paper towels safer, and easy to use. Since, only one paper towel can be pulled out at a time, thus, preventing remaining paper towels from cross-contamination as well.

  1. Eliminates Noise Pollution.

The noise of a hand dryer in use is neither desirable to anyone nor musical to ears. Therefore, by using paper towels not only you can minimize noise pollution inside a restroom but also provide a peaceful environment for people to freshen up.

  1. Reduce the Spread of Pathogens.

The air of the washroom remains teemed with a variety of pathogens. When a hand dryer is in use, the hot blow of air further provides favorable conditions for such microorganisms to spread farther away. With over 370 miles per hour of speed, hand dryers are capable of spreading pathogens as far as five feet from the unit. Whereas paper towels can lower the risk for cross-contamination as they remain under the use of a single person only and can be disposed of easily afterward.

Being an industry-leading cleaning contractor, NYC disinfection services believes that using paper towels is a very affordable, sanitized, healthy, and safe approach for hand drying in public toilets than utilizing a hand dryer.